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How are your Customer-Facing Engineers getting on?

Customer-Facing Engineering Teams include Sales, Marketing and Applications Engineers, and also Product Engineers and Developers in many organisations. Whether their customers are external or internal and whether support is their primary task or not, they face complex challenges. For example, how do they …

  • Get the attention of customers who are overwhelmed with information and other distractions?
  • Satisfy customers who are expecting an out-of-the-box experience, even for the most sophisticated technology?
  • Simultaneously do a great job with customers while attending to a myriad other tasks ?

ICONDA offers Hands-On Consulting and Learning & Development Solutions …

We put our Technical Sales, Marketing and Applications Engineering expertise at your disposal, working either under your management or on a project basis. This is a good option if you need immediate help to deploy products and services.

You benefit from our experience in Hardware and Software technology together with the communication skills underpinning ICONDA’s Learning & Development Solutions.

We provide Training and Workshops to boost the performance and wellbeing of your Customer-Facing teams, combining traditional and web-based techniques. These solutions are underpinned by a set of powerful tools and online resources, purpose-built for Customer-Facing situations.

This tool-based approach is built around the ICON9 system, the Process Communication Model and the Five-Minute Coach tools. By tailoring these complementary tools and methods to your situation, we enable your team to quickly integrate them into their professional lives.

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