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Maximise the positive impact of your expertise!

Four training programs by Andrew Betts, renowned trainer, coach, sales engineer and author of Client Encounters of the Technical Kind.

Proven internationally with companies ranging from multinationals to bleeding edge startups, the material is original, thought-provoking and enabling, suitable for juniors and seniors alike.

Our aim is to help you achieve greater productivity, and ever more authentic and satisfying professional relationships.

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Difficult Conversations, Bridges and Trolls

Trolls are trouble when you want to cross a bridge. Especially when the bridge in question is slippery and swaying.  They can takes ages to deal with and, of course, trolls present a health and safety hazard.

A Difficult Conversation is like crossing a troll bridge.  The bridge itself represents the underlying, “normal” conversation, with one or two challenges and an objective of attaining something on the other side. The troll is a particularly difficult issue and our options are, broadly speaking, to run away (avoid the issue) or resort to force (escalate the issue?) or tame the troll.

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Deep Knowledge, Simple Tools

Difficult Conversations of the Professional Kind helps professionals with one of the most important aspects of their work: dealing with critical situations promtly and effectively. It combines a simple flow with profound concepts.

Imagine how much time and energy you could save by improving your capabilities in this area! The conversation may be with your boss, with a peer, with team-members or with a client.  Whichever it is, being able to say what's really on your mind is an invaluable skill. The tools and techniques described provide a safe way to start, allowing you to develop your own repertoire and style.


Client Encounters of the Technical Kind demystifies communication for field teams and, in doing so, renders a great service to high-tech companies. Its simple tools and processes promote productivity and effective business results. It's the ONLY product I have seen that is effective in developing the "technical sales team".

Jack Dunnigan

Senior Director of Worldwide Technical Sales, Xilinx


Designed for customer-facing marketing, sales and support people working in technology-based B2B companies, Addapt inspires and accelerates encounter preparation.

Sensitive to the context of the client meeting, it coaches users on objectives and the customer perspective as well as reminding them, at the point of need, about valuable and relevant collateral: Presentations, Checklists, HowTos, FAQs, etc!

What’s more, it gives support through to reporting outcomes, closing the loop on the encounter process and providing much needed KPI data. Output feeds any CRM – SalesForce or SAP, for example – and goes just as easily into mail, spreadsheets and other office tools.

Addapt strengthens sales and support processes while enhancing their visibility!

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