A simple, powerful application to speed CRM-based encounter preparation and reporting

New products to deploy?

New people in the team?

CRM could use a boost?

Try Addapt!

Designed for customer-facing marketing, sales and support people working in technology-based B2B companies, Addapt inspires and accelerates encounter preparation.

Sensitive to the context of the client meeting, it coaches users on objectives and the customer perspective as well as reminding them, at the point of need, about valuable and relevant collateral: Presentations, Checklists, HowTos, FAQs, etc !

What’s more, it gives support through to reporting outcomes, closing the loop on the encounter process and providing much needed KPI data.

Output feeds any CRM – SalesForce or SAP, for example – and goes just as easily into mail, spreadsheets and other office tools.

Addapt strengthens sales and support processes while enhancing their visibility!

A few highlights …

  • Individual logins connect the user to either their Addapt’s content, including company-specific data
  • Users can add and modify their view of the content
  • They can adjust Addapt’s interface to suit their role and their tastes
  • By indexing a companies most valuable marcom data, Addapt gives lighting fast acces to it
  • Even so, all company data remains secure behind company firewalls
  • Addapt context-sensitive suggestions are complemented by a search engine
  • It also has tremendous value in training and considerably reduces the need for classroom hours
  • Available on Windows, Mac and Linux

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