A versatile tool that does different jobs according to your role ...

Executives and Managers

  • Addapt reinforces company policies and culture when they’re most relevant (complementing the traditional mechanisms: meetings and training)
  • It increases the ROI in the company’s CRM system and in its collateral for sales, marketing and support
  • It accelerate ramp-up of new products and people
  • It facilitates the management of sales and support functions, by providing KPI data on customer interactions across the company
  • It supports best-in-class practices for remote working, helping employees cope with recent trends (accelerated by Covid)

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Marketing Professionals

  • Addapt delights internal Sales & Apps customers by making it easy for them to find relevant material
  • It allows Marketing to deploy new material without disruption (and without needing calls, meetings or training to draw attention to it)

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Sales & Applications Team Leaders

  • Addapt improves best practice adherence and sharing within their teams
  • It enables leaders to better coach their teams for increased performance, by increasing the visibility of call planning and outcomes,
  • It facilitates conversations with collaborators by providing a reference structure with which to encourage them outside of their comfort zone
  • It reduces the time spent on formal training while constantly reinforcing key methodologies (the main job of formal training)
  • It increases team productivity, by providing timely links to relevant ideas and content

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Sales & Applications Engineers

  • Addapt reminds Sales and Apps of relevant collateral, just when they need it
  • It gives a better than 10x search & find speedup, through its index of the company’s most valuable collateral
  • It speeds writing call plans and reporting on outcomes – at least on the boring bits, since the juicy part still requires their expertise
  • It prompts, provokes and inspires new ideas
  • It makes Sales and Apps contributions more visible and, because of this visibility, gets them more help and feedback from colleagues and leaders
  • It provides a simple mechanism for context-sensitive sharing relevant experiences

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