ICONDA Solutions


The Company

ICONDA Solutions specialises in Semiconductor and Electronic Design Automation (EDA).

We deliver our expertise through both services and products – Consulting, Coaching, Learning & Development programs, training courses and software products.

Working mainly in the area of Sales and Applications Engineering, we provide companies with help on specific projects and helping them improve their B2B processes. In particular, we have state-of-the-art training courses for customer-facing teams, deployed regularly in Europe, North America, AsiaPac and Japan.

Recently developed, our Addapt software further strengthens this Learning & Development offering by providing users with context sensitive support for their call preparation and reporting. This innovative product allows us to dramatically reduce time spent in classrooms (real or virtual) by transfer to experiential learning, simultaneously saving time and increasing performance gains.

Addapt connects to your company’s sales and support knowledge base in order to remind users of useful collateral at the moment of need. It works with any CRM system, commercial or informal.

The People

Andy Betts CEO

Andy Betts, PhD MIEEE

  • I am Andy Betts and ICONDA Solutions is my company.
  • I have over 25 year’s experience in industry, the first half in design roles, the second in the field (Sales, Marketing and Applications).
  • A confirmed trainer, I am also a qualified coach (Institut Maieutis, level 2, code NSF 315, European level CEC: 6), certified in Process Communication by Kahler Communication France and an active member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) where I am Regional Delegate for the Dauphiné-Savoie.
  • A theme of my career has been interfaces : hardware-software, analog-digital, people-technology and England-France … this must explain something! 😉
  • Further information is available in my LinkedIn résumé, where some of my clients and former colleagues have kindly made recommendations.

Séverine Hessel

  • I am Séverine Hessel and I own and manage Organescence, an ICONDA Solutions partner.
  • I am a coach and a consultant to managers and directors, and to their teams. A graduate from the Maieutis Institute for coaching, I accompany both large corporations and SMEs through transitions and crises, helping them respond to challenges in the areas of Leadership, Collaboration and Stress Management, for example. This work may be local or international.
  • In general, my clients have a vision of what they are trying to achieve. My job is to help them work out how to get there.
  • Although my background is in industrial finance, relationship management has always been at the heart of my career: interpersonal, rational and emotional, personal and professional, strategic and operational.
  • For more information, please visit the Organescence web site and LinkedIn.
Séverine Hessel from Iconda Solutions

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