Engineering Team Leader Best Practices Exchange

Share with and learn from peers; try out ideas, test material and find solutions


The core activity of the Best Practices Exchange is a 100-minute teleconference where Engineering Team Leaders share experiences and ideas (in English or French).

Leaders from different countries, companies and cultures discuss a wide range of challenges. They use the safe, structured environment of the Exchange to:

  • Solve problems, practice encounters, get feedback
  • Learn new techniques and refine old ones
  • Exchange information and, above all, meet people!

The Exchange is open to anyone who believes:

  • They can help others through the Exchange
  • They will benefit from the Exchange

What topics could be discussed?

Topics are chosen by participants in the runup to a session and at the start of the session itself. Here are some examples of topic requests:

  • Exchange of case studies or examples of agile planning in real situations (ideally using JIRA as the database). Related to this, lean product development and agile methodologies.
  • Sharing ideas on how to balance technical knowledge (great engineers) with the intangible knowledge (great managers).
  • I suck at management. Not interested in people mgmt (perf reviews, etc…) but would like techniques/pointers/exp in effectively manage project milestones & deliverables. I can manage my own very well, but a team’s, not so much.
  • My company just introduced MS teams to everyone. It’s pretty much like Slack. How do we structure communications to take advantage of the #channel medium, vs emails, vs formal docs?
  • Forecasting (development projects and financial – it was interesting to compare the issues and techniques)
  • Feedback on my presentation please: subject = creating a creative & innovative environment
  • Offer to share experience on prioritising R&D projects
  • Advice needed on what to do when there is a big gap between what a team wants to do and what the client needs them to do!

How does a session work? 

Sessions last 100 minutes and start at five past the hour. The agenda is as follows:

  1. Inclusion: brief introductions from each participant
  2. Recap of session rules and main process
  3. Topic selection and agenda setting
  4. THE WORK !
  5. Summary and farewells  

Please see the video above for more details.

When are the next sessions?

Tue 10-sep-19 12.05 English Tue 10-sep-19 17.05 English Fri 20-sep-19 08.05 English Fri 20-sep-19 12.05 FRENCH
Fri 06-dec-19 08.05 English Fri 06-dec-19 12.05 English Mon 16-dec-19 12.05 FRENCH Mon 16-dec-19 17.05 English
Mon 09-mar-20 12.05 English Mon 09-mar-20 17.05 English Fri 20-mar-20 08.05 English Fri 20-mar-20 12.05 FRENCH
Mon 08-jun-20 12.05 English Mon 08-jun-20 17.05 English Fri 19-jun-20 08.05 English Fri 19-jun-20 12.05 FRENCH

How to get started?

First of all, in deciding if the Exchange is for you, please remember that:

  • The target audience is Engineering Team Leaders and that the topics chosen for discussion will reflect this (contact me if you are undecided!)
  • Discussions will be in either English or French – to get the most out of a session, you need to be fluent in the language used

Then, if you would like to receive invitations for future sessions and join the associated LinkedIn group, contact me at

You will receive an acknowledgement with information on payment and, as time goes by, a calendar invitation for each session.

To reserve your place in a session, simply accept the corresponding invitation using the calendar mechanism (using, for example, Outlook or Google Calendar). Sessions will go ahead with 3-6 participants.

Once you have attended your first session, you will receive subsequent invitations one week in advance of the general announcement. This will help you to join sessions with people who you know, from past experience, share your interests. 

What does it cost?

You can purchase an individual session or a batch below. Batch purchases may be either nominative (for one person only) or transferable.

Prices are shown below . There is an online payment system and we are happy to accept company orders also.

You may register for the Exchange and receive session invitations before purchasing. However, you must make a purchase prior to accepting an invitation.

One ‘token’ is consumed each time you attend a session. Also, if you accepted a session invitation and subsequently cancel, then a token is consumed if that cancellation arrives later than 48 hours before the session.




  • One session token

Use within one year

  • Price excludes tax (20% VAT will be added)

Nominated person (name+email)




4 session tokens for use by one person

Use within 18 months

Price excludes tax (20% VAT will be added)

Nominated person (name+email)




4 session tokens, transferable

Use within 18 months, max 1 per session

Price excludes tax (20% VAT will be added)

1st nominated person (name+email)

The ICONDA Advantage

Andy Betts

  • A confirmed trainer and qualified coach (Institut Maieutis, level 2, code NSF 315, European level CEC: 6), certified in Process Communication by Kahler Communication France
  • Over 25 year’s experience in high-tech industry, in Semiconductor, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and associated software
  • In-depth experience in both design roles and in the field (Sales, Marketing and Applications).

Engineering Team Leader Support and its benefits

  • Processes are adapted to individual manager-leaders
  • Long experience with coaching and training allow a flexible approach, adapted to each coachee and the needs of the day
  • ICONDA’s considerable database of training material and activities is available to support a wide variety of needs, freeing manager-leaders from the need to create new collateral.
Andy Betts - The ICON9 Leadership Workshop is a stimulating event.

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