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A balance of independent and remotely supported learning to fit any schedule

iconFlash training consists of 45-minute, remote sessions supported with quality studio material and literature. It can be deployed in several  ways:

  • As a complement to classroom training, allowing trainees to cover advanced material of particular interest and relevance to them
  • As an independent program for technical sales teams, launched at a company conference, for example
  • At an individual level, for professionals making a transition between jobs or becoming more exposed to customers in their current role

We cover all the core material from our main training program, Excellence in Client Encounters (aka Excellence in Customer Communication): everything from the client encounter process – which provides a foundation that we build upon – to advanced topics, such as collaborative problem-solving and negotiation in a technical context.

Who can benefit from ICONDA’s Flash Training?

Flash training is designed for busy people in Technical Sales Support: if you deal with customers in a business to business context – if you have an impact on sales, whether your job title includes the word sales or not – then Flash training could be just what you need. Here are some examples:

Engineering Team Leaders/Managers: Guiding development and field operations and wishing to improve processes and outcomes. In FAE Managers and Sales Managers, for example, these roles are often combined with others mentioned below.

Field Applications Engineers (FAEs): Working to balance multiple, often conflicting, requirements in both pre-sales and post-sales roles.

Engineering Consultants: Working with clients from specification through to the delivery of services and custom products. Their work is a mix of direct intervention, training and teaching by example.

Applications and Product Engineers: Working in an office, lab or factory setting, liaising between Design / Research & Development (R&D) teams and field staff, with remote customer contact and perhaps some occasional face-to-face communication.

Design/R&D Engineers: Strongly focused on development tasks, but with a need to transfer their knowledge efficiently to their colleagues and customers.

Sales and Marketing Engineers: Commercially oriented but with strong technical backgrounds, they need to excel in all aspects of communication: to understand clients, to inform them and to negotiate with them.

How Flash Training Works

  • Watch a 12–minute video (average duration)
  • Consider two or three questions that it brings up
  • Meet a trainer in a 45–minute teleconference with other trainees.
  • At the teleconference, discuss what each person got out of the flash lesson and how it relates to our work.

At the end of each Flash, one or two new ideas become integrated into your professional practice.

You can do this for individual lessons, to complement classroom training, for example.

Or you can take a Flash module, which consists of five or six lessons.

Or you can take the entire, six-module course!

And consider this … each training video is shorter than most TED Talks! … so you can certainly fit Flash into your schedule.


Advantages for Your Organisation

From the sponsoring organisation’s point of view, this workshop format offers considerable advantages:

  • Trainee motivation is closer to that for a classroom training than an online one, since the trainer’s presence is strongly felt
  • There is considerable flexibility with respect to who covers which topics, how many people get involved, schedules, geographical location, etc.
  • There is a great Return On Investment, not least because learning is close in time and space to opportunities for practice with customers
  • It’s easy to organize

The ICONDA Advantage

Proven and referenced

  • ICONDA has delivered training courses, in English and French, all over the world for the past 10 years. We regularly stage events in multiple European countries, in the USA, in Japan and in AsiaPac.
  • ICONDA Solutions has passed the rigorous DataDock acceptance checks, is registered with DataDock, and has been working with OPCA’s in France for many years

Flash training facilitated by the CEO, Andy Betts

  • A confirmed trainer and qualified coach (Institut Maieutis, level 2, code NSF 315, European level CEC: 6), certified in Process Communication by Kahler Communication France
  • Over 25 year’s experience in high-tech industry, in Semiconductor, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and associated software
  • In-depth experience in both design roles and in the field (Sales, Marketing and Applications).

The benefits of a coaching approach to remote training

  • Watching online videos can be a dispiriting business, unless there is an opportunity to debrief with others
  • Follow-up, debrief calls use processes that allow participants to contribute to their full abilities
  • Long experience with coaching and training teams allows a flexible approach, adapted to each group and its mood on the day
  • The facilitator’s deep background knowledge, together with ICONDA’s considerable training database, allow clarifying material to be injected into calls as and when appropriate.
Flash training from Iconda Solutions

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