Hands-On Consulting Solutions


ICONDA’s policy is to balance Hands-On Consulting with Coaching, Training and Workshops so that each activity feeds the other two. Most importantly, the ICON9 system supports the company’s way of working. Its tools and methods are not only of value to our clients, they also underpin our own activities.

ICONDA’s Verification Services and IP Consulting

ICONDA is working in close partnership with AEDVICES Consulting. We are supporting their Business Development and also working together with them to provide training programs to joint customers.  These programs cover both core technical skills for ASIC and FPGA Verification Engineers and also crossover skills – based on ICONDA’s ICON9 tools – to enhance the efficiency and productivity of engineering teams.

AEDVICES Consulting is based in Moirans (Grenoble), France, and specialises in Functional Verification for ASIC and FPGA designs. It provides consulting and verification infrastructure, enabling companies to develop semiconductor and embedded system products quickly and reliably. Deep expertise in tools, languages and standards (too many to enumerate – please see www.aedvices.com for more information), is complemented by Verification IP and software systems to support systematic, predictable design debug linked to automated non-regression testing and project tracking.

ICONDA represents Truechip, a leading provider of Verification IP, in Europe. Our aim is to repeat Truechip’s success in other areas of the world, including the USA, Israel, Taiwan, Japan, India and China.

From its global development center in India, Truechip provides VIPs to cover industry needs in memory, on-chip interconnect (AMBA etc.), PCIe, MIPI, display standards and others. Its VIPs accelerate IP and SoC design for ASIC and FPGA thus lowering development risks and costs.

The company’s strength is in its ability to keep up with evolving VIP needs and to react flexibly to special requirements. The Truechip team, which consists of 150+ engineers with an average experience of over five years, has been serving industry for a decade and has an excellent 24×5 technical support service. In addition, Truechip works closely with AEDVICES Consulting (see left-hand column) to ensure that the VIP integration experienced of our European customers is as effortless as possible. 


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