ICONDA Mentoring

Multi-faceted support for high-tech professionals with complex challenges

Who can benefit?

Team Leaders

Keeping the team happy and productive is a big responsibility. Balancing the interests of people both inside and outside of that team is key to success. The ability to coach and teach is also high on the list of necessary qualities.

We have experience in running both development and field teams, in both the hardware and software sides of the semiconductor industry. In addition, we have ongoing coaching work with practicing and aspiring leaders all over the world.


Customer-Facing Engineers

While customer-facing positions are exciting, it’s difficult to provide solutions when so many crucial factors are outside of your direct control. Being able to influence the decisions of both customers and colleagues is a critical skill in Sales, Applications Engineering and Consulting, for example.

ICONDA Solutions is an authority on customer-facing work. Andy Betts, the CEO, is currently active in technical sales (for Siemens EDA and Galaxy Semiconductor in S Europe), has a long background in Applications Engineering and has been teaching these subjects for 12 years+.


Marketing Professionals

Understanding the value chain, following its evolution and coming up with the right strategies and collateral is the essence of this most complex role. Furthermore, since everyone seems to have an opinion about marketing (!), good relational intelligence is needed to get your ideas widely accepted.

Our experience with both inbound and outbound marketing in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) – not least in ICONDA itself – puts us in a great position to support marketing professionals with the challenges that they face. We do not claim to be the greatest marketeers in the world, but we can help others achieve such renown!


Executives & Program Managers

The ability to reason at multiple levels of abstraction – at one moment down in the trenches dealing with an emergency, the next in a C-level meeting to decide on investments for the coming years – requires great mental flexibility.

Our experience in running small businesses combined with many years with C-level people in multiple contexts (technical sales and support, coaching, mentoring, training) gives us a deep appreciation of these roles.


Focus Areas


With so much going on and so little time available, difficult choices must be made. Talking them over with a mentor will help you spend your time wisely, keep on track and avoid wasting precious energy.


The world is moving fast and yesterday’s skills are not necessarily adequate today. Furthermore, because time is at a premium, it’s crucial to choose the right development path. A mentor can not only teach new skills, they will help you choose and follow a path that suits you.


We’re social animals and that’s a difficult thing to be! Communication with colleagues, external clients and other departments requires great care. Preparing then reviewing your encounters with a mentor will allow you to act with confidence, thereby developing stronger relationships.

Motivation and Accountability

Motivation for our work combined with accountability to our clients and colleagues brings the energy needed to deal with all this. However, the pressure is sometimes hard to deal with. We can get run down. Mentoring is a resource to get you through difficult periods. It will refresh your drive!


  • Programs are defined by their maximum duration and number of cycles
  • A typical program has 12 cycles over 6 months
  • A cycle consists of a one-hour session plus assigned work
  • When it’s advantageous to do so, up to 3 colleagues may share a single session
  • Programs may be augmented with workshops on key topics and these vary in format
  • Assigned work may consist of:
    • Suggestions or prescriptions for tackling particular work-related tasks
    • Participation in a workshop
    • Learning from resources on the Learning Management System
  • Extra charges apply for multi-person sessions and workshops
  • Schedules, learning resources, etc. are managed through the Learning Management System
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To get started

To be accepted onto an ICONDA Mentoring program, candidates must pass a preliminary interview with the mentor and in the presence of their sponsor.

The main objective is to discuss and agree both quantitative and qualitative goals for the individualized program.

Progress with respect to these goals will be reviewed at a post-program checkpoint meeting.

The interview also allows the candidate and the mentor to check each other out – the go-ahead is a multi-person decision.

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