ICONDA Training for Professional Encounters

Helping experts in complex organisations get their point across

Activity-packed training for professionals working in complex and perhaps global organisations. In contrast to the Client Encounters programs, our emphasis here is on the interactions between groups within a company. Though the principles underlying successful encounters are the same, examples and case studies differ.

This training program addresses technical experts in complex, global organisations, whose close and effective collaboration with colleagues in other divisions is essential for realising the full value of their work.

While the purpose of interactions with internal clients is invariably technology-related, the non-technical aspect of these encounters are critically important.

For this reason, tools and methods originally conceived for external clients are a great complement to participants’ technical knowledge and toolset.

A few details ...

The program is typically a 3-day mix of lectures and workshops

It is spread out over several weeks

Duration and format varies according to needs

Face-to-face and/or remote

Completed with checkpoint interviews and certification

Optional topics include effective email, training skills (for the abstraction and transmission of specialised knowledge) and communicating across cultures

Using a plethora of activities and examples, we build on participants’ intuition and experience in order to achieve client encounters which …

  • harvest more and better information (encounter management fundamentals, learning discovery)
  • provide clarity and understanding (guiding discovery, rapid creation of pitches & presentations)
  • result in agreement and action (right assertiveness, negotiation)

… and run a reduced risk of customer issues (those that do occur being dealt with promptly!).

Optional topics include effective email, training skills (for the abstraction and transmission of specialised knowledge) and communicating across cultures.

This training program addresses professionals who wish to become more effective when interactions with their colleagues and customers go wrong or where they must prepare for stressful, high-stake conversations with them.

For example, when they have to deal with offensive or insensitive behaviour, overcome obstruction or negativity, give bad news or confront someone who repeatedly fails to meet their commitments.

A few details ...

For face-to-face training, the program format is two single-day lecture/workshop sessions, separated by 4-6 weeks of monitored independent work.

If remote, each single-day session is replaced with two consecutive half-days.

The program is new, though it has already been delivered to customers in France and the UK. As for all our programs, the audience is worldwide and we cater particularly to global teams.

We equip program participants to deal with these types of situation. In particular, we enable them to skilfully move towards the difficulty, rather than avoiding it (however politely/subtly) or fighting it (returning aggression with aggression).

Starting from tools and methods presented in the Excellence in Professional Encounters program, we outline a powerful approach to difficult conversations and put it into practice with extensive examples and exercises. These are reinforced by independent work and plenty of supportive feedback.

Both programs use tools, methods and best practices from the fields of Applications Engineering, Sales, Coaching and Psychology. We make it as easy as possible to switch to and fro between technical, detail-oriented tasks and the complex, messy business of … well, business. Though we cannot claim to resolve every disconnect between these logical and not-so-logical worlds, we do facilitate navigation between them.

The reference book, Client Encounters of the Technical Kind, the ICON9 web site and online resources support participants before, during and after classroom training.

The training has been successfully delivered to major international technology providers and, like its stablemate, Excellence in Client Encounters, is a mature and up-to-date product, most suitable for global teams.

The ICONDA Advantage

Proven and referenced

  • ICONDA has delivered training courses, in English and French, all over the world for the past 10 years. We regularly stage events in multiple European countries, in the USA, in Japan and in AsiaPac.
  • ICONDA Solutions has passed the rigorous DataDock acceptance checks, is registered with DataDock, and has been working with OPCA’s in France for many years

Facilitation by the CEO, Andy Betts

  • A confirmed trainer and qualified coach (Institut Maieutis, level 2, code NSF 315, European level CEC: 6), certified in Process Communication by Kahler Communication France
  • Over 25 year’s experience in high-tech industry, in Semiconductor, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and associated software
  • In-depth experience in both design roles and in the field (Sales, Marketing and Applications).

Bring the benefits of a coaching approach to training

  • Training is about supporting and enabling participants to practice, much less about informing and explaining new ideas
  • Long experience with coaching and training teams allows a flexible approach, adapted to each group and its mood on the day
  • The facilitator’s deep background knowledge, together with ICONDA’s considerable training database, allow clarifying material to be injected into training sessions as and when appropriate.
Excellence in Customer Communication A specialised training for Technical Sales Support, structured with ICON9