iconTeam Events

Meaningful team building for Customer-Facing Engineers


iconTeam events give you a way to simultaneously augment team effectiveness and cohesion. Often integrated into annual conferences, sales kickoffs and similar, iconTeam tools and processes help you exploit a precious commodity: time together. 

We believe that team cohesion gets stronger when people work together on something meaningful, while effectiveness requires regular attention to skillset development.

The iconTeam approach is to have your collaborators help each other develop new skills. They become each other’s trainers for a short while and we ensure that the experience is fruitful and fun!

To do this, we supply all necessary materials and coach separate groups on the finer points of their focus skill. They learn how best to transmit that skill to their colleagues, deepening multiple competences in the process: the focus skill itself; teaching; presenting; and even persuasion (the latter being key to effective training).

Who can benefit from iconTeam events?

iconTeam events were conceived for Customer-Facing Teams who only occasionally get together in the same place.

A Customer-Facing team may be looking after Technical Sales or it could simply be a Product Development Team that has customer-facing responsibilities (see our post on Customer Intimacy). So its members could be a mix of any of the following:

Engineering Team Leaders/Managers

Guiding development and field operations and wishing to improve processes and outcomes. In FAE Managers and Sales Managers, for example, these roles are often combined with others mentioned below.

Engineering Consultants

Working with clients from specification through to the delivery of services and custom products. Their work is a mix of direct intervention, training and teaching by example.

Design/R&D Engineers

Strongly focused on development tasks, but with a need to transfer their knowledge efficiently to their colleagues and customers.

Field Applications Engineers (FAEs)

Working to balance multiple, often conflicting, requirements in both pre-sales and post-sales roles.

Applications and Product Engineers

Working in an office, lab or factory setting, liaising between Design / Research & Development (R&D) teams and field staff, with remote customer contact and perhaps some occasional face-to-face communication.

Sales and Marketing Engineers

Commercially oriented but with strong technical backgrounds, they need to excel in all aspects of communication: to understand clients, to inform them and to negotiate with them.

How iconTeam events work

  • With ICONDA’s help, the event’s Sponsor (you, maybe?) identifies a Theme and Message. For example:
    • Time and task management : “Task management is more than just CRM!”
      • We then work on strengthening efficiency and resilience at both the individual and team level
    • Proactivity : “Future growth depends on us being more proactive!”
      • We then work on enabling the team to better anticipate customer requests and have more influence over customer projects and plans
    • Customer interactions: “Let’s go beyond the Subject matter!”
      • We then work on processes to improve meeting outcomes and to learn more from each meeting
  • Together, we build an agenda (typically for a day or a half-day)
  • We choose simple tools that will support the skills to be developed. We also define 3 or 4 groups within the team, allocating one tool to each.
  • We prepare materials for each group – typically a video, some templates and a guide – to initiate them on the tool + skill that they will be teaching.
  • The materials are used by the groups for pre-event preparation, so that they start thinking about and sharing ideas on how they will train their colleagues.
    • This typically involves a group call/meeting and a little help from us.
    • The groups finish off their preparation at the event itself – they are given plenty of time.

To further encourage original thinking, we don’t allow PowerPoint, but almost anything else is permitted!  So groups use flip charts, role plays/simulations, story telling, exotic metaphors … whatever they can come up with.  It’s all good, provided they enable their colleagues to acquire the targeted knowledge and skills.

Advantages for Your Organisation

  • Learning and Development at three different levels:
    • Relationships: Stronger ties between team members
    • Theme and Message: Reinforced by the activities before, during and after the event
    • Tools and skills: Together with in-house experts on these tools and skills – the trainers!
  • Autonomy: The event places participants in a position of responsibility. It respects and develops their autonomy.
  • Memorable: The challenge of training others on skills only recently acquired is one that you remember!
  • Inclusive: Everybody in the team has the opportunity to make a unique contribution.
  • Return On Investment: It’s an intense experience and a great deal is achieved in a short time.
  • Easy to organize (for you!)

The ICONDA Advantage

iconTeam events facilitated by the CEO, Andy Betts

  • A confirmed trainer: lecturer for 5 years at University College London; certified trainer at STMicroelectronics; technical trainer for 10 years in Electronics Design Automation; independent trainer of Customer-Facing skills for 10 years with ICONDA
  • A qualified coach (Institut Maieutis, 2-year, Masters level; certified in Process Communication by Kahler Communication France)
  • Over 25 year’s experience in high-tech industry, in Semiconductor, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and associated software
  • In-depth experience in both design roles and in the field (Sales, Marketing and Applications)
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