icon9 Leadership Workshop

Using collective intelligence to deal with the issues of technical teams


The ICON9 Leadership Workshop is a stimulating event that allows technical teams to address urgent issues, learn new techniques and develop their leadership skills. We strongly believe that everyone can benefit from the development of such skills, and that they are particularly important to professionals with exposure to customers.  

Workshop topics are defined at the start of the session itself. Participants present problems and questions about past experiences, current issues and opportunities that they see coming up. The subjects are prioritised and an appropriate process assigned to each of them.

Then everyone gets to work!

Workshops may fit in with a company event, such as a sales conference or a technical review.

We use the ICON9 toolset to facilitate the process, but a knowledge of ICON9 is not required for participation.

The ICON9 Leadership Workshop is a stimulating event that allows technical teams to address urgent issues

Workshop objectives

  • Practice giving and receiving help
  • Express and debate opinions using a professional posture
  • Step back and take time to reflect on issues – to exercise metacommunication
  • Resolve issues – learn from past experience, find answers to current problems and anticipate future challenges
  • Develop and consolidate one’s professional practice, integrating and exploiting relevant tools and methods acquired through training
  • Share knowledge with others and obtain inspiration from conversations with them
  • Open up to new ways of seeing and doing things – try out other people’s frames of reference!

Who can benefit from the Leadership Workshop?

Engineering Team Leaders/Managers: Guiding development and field operations and wishing to improve processes and outcomes. In FAE Managers and Sales Managers, for example, these roles are often combined with others mentioned below.

Field Applications Engineers (FAEs): Working to balance multiple, often conflicting, requirements in both pre-sales and post-sales roles.

Engineering Consultants: Working with clients from specification through to the delivery of services and custom products. Their work is a mix of direct intervention, training and teaching by example.

Applications and Product Engineers: Working in an office, lab or factory setting, liaising between Design / Research & Development (R&D) teams and field staff, with remote customer contact and perhaps some occasional face-to-face communication.

Design/R&D Engineers: Strongly focused on development tasks, but with a need to transfer their knowledge efficiently to their colleagues and customers.

Sales and Marketing Engineers: Commercially oriented but with strong technical backgrounds, they need to excel in all aspects of communication: to understand clients, to inform them and to negotiate with them.

Workshop Details

The icon9 Leadership Workshop is a collective intelligence process where participants choose the topics to be covered and their priorities. Depending on the issue, an appropriate process is used. The technique, which is a simplification of Jérôme Curnier’s approach, elaborated in “Coaching Global”, uses the table opposite to rapidly organise topics according to their fundamental characteristics. It has the following advantages:

  • Participants are immediately challenged to step back from the detail of their problems and consider their fundamental attributes
  • The issues raised by each person are clear to see, and any commonality between subjects from different participants is quickly seen
  • It is easy to identify the process to use for each topic.

Session parameters

  • Typically 1/2 or 1 day (a whole day is recommended for the first experience).
  • Four to eight participants is ideal.
  • Please contact us on price. Package pricing is possible, for a series of workshops or for a workshop-training mix.
ICON9 Leadership Workshop

Advantages for Your Organisation

From the sponsoring organisation’s point of view, this workshop format offers considerable advantages:

  • It’s easy to organize
  • It allows a wide range of subjects to be dealt with efficiently and effectively
  • Important topics may come up that managers had not previously noticed
  • Participants learn to be more proactive: if they see a problem, it becomes their responsibility to raise the issue and suggest a way forward
  • An immediate Return On Investment: participants leave the workshop with new options and changed perceptions, ready to tackle old problems differently.

The ICONDA Advantage

Workshop facilitated by the CEO, Andy Betts

  • A confirmed trainer and qualified coach (Institut Maieutis, level 2, code NSF 315, European level CEC: 6), certified in Process Communication by Kahler Communication France
  • Over 25 year’s experience in high-tech industry, in Semiconductor, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and associated software
  • In-depth experience in both design roles and in the field (Sales, Marketing and Applications).

Group coaching posture and its benefits

  • Processes are chosen to allow participants to contirbute to their full abilities
  • Long experience with coaching and training teams combined with mastery of the workshops’ processes allow a flexible approach, adapted to each group and its mood on the day
  • The facilitator’s deep background knowledge, together with ICONDA’s considerable training database, allow supportive training modules to be injected into workshops as and when appropriate.
Andy Betts - The ICON9 Leadership Workshop is a stimulating event.

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