Training, Coaching, Workshops and Team Events

Our trainings follow a fundamental principle of communication: that a message must be adapted to its audience. We focus on the issues that are the most relevant to customer-facing professionals. We structure our material appropriately and present it in the tribal language – always with relevant examples.

Please note that we can either train directly, or we can train your trainers – whatever suits your organisation best. We would use icon9 Leadership Coaching and icon9 Leadership Workshops to do so.

Flash Training is an excellent solution for people who have little time to spare. This consists of independent learning using ICONDA’s training videos and other online resources together with remote supervisory / tutorial sessions.

iconTeam events give you a way to simultaneously augment team effectiveness and cohesion. Often integrated into annual conferences, sales kickoffs and similar, iconTeam tools and processes help you exploit a precious commodity: time together.

icon9 Leadership Coaching puts you in a position to do these things by providing necessary processes and materials then coaching you to become an icon9 coach yourself.

icon9 Leadership Workshops are stimulating events that allow technical teams to address urgent issues, learn new techniques and develop their leadership skills.

Tools & Resources

We strongly believe in the value of tools to structure and support customer-facing work. We also believe that, to be efficient and effective, it is crucial to choose a small number of tools that work well together.

For these reasons, our approach to consulting, training and coaching is resolutely tool-based and we have built methodologies around the ICON9 system, the Process Communication Model and the Five-Minute Coach tools. In fact, a substantial part of our added-value is in tailoring these powerful tools and methods to the Technical Sales Support role.

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