Workshop example: A Team Leader Best Practices Exchange

Processes for sharing and learning; trying out ideas, testing material and finding solutions


Purpose and objectives of the workshop

The core activity of the Best Practices Exchange is a 100-minute teleconference where Engineering Team Leaders share experiences and ideas (in English or French).

Leaders from different countries, companies and cultures discuss a wide range of challenges. They use the safe, structured environment of the Exchange to:

  • Solve problems, practice encounters, get feedback
  • Learn new techniques and refine old ones
  • Exchange information and, above all, meet people!

The Exchange is open to anyone who believes:

  • They can help others through the Exchange
  • They will benefit from the Exchange

How does a session work? 

Topics are chosen by participants in the run-up to a session and at the start of the session itself – see examples in the next section.

Sessions last 100 minutes and start at five past the hour. The agenda is as follows:

  1. Inclusion: brief introductions from each participant
  2. Recap of session rules and main process
  3. Topic selection and agenda setting
  4. THE WORK ! – see below for the processes used
  5. Summary and farewells  

Please see the video above for more details.

Balancing technical and intangible knowledge

My personal concern: how to balance the technical knowledge (those really great engineers) with the intangible knowledge (those really great managers) in a group.

Innovative culture

One challenge I’m addressing at the moment is to develop a creative and innovative culture in the organisation. I read a number of articles presenting different methods/processes. I would welcome ideas/experience/feedback to increase chances to be successful in a very...

Prioritizing R&D projects

I’d be happy to share something about prioritising R&D projects. The “Efficient Frontier” is a basic portfolio optimization tool that is very simple to put in place and that helps a lot R&D managers to converge on priorities, typically with the upper...

Agile case studies

Hi guys, I'm participation on 17th June, and I'd like to hear some case-studies or examples of the agile planning/working in real situations (ideally using JIRA as the database). I can talk about Mattermost/Slack communication ant its pros/cons. We adopted it a while...

Collaboration tools

If you could include some of the new team communication technologies in there (like Slack or MS Teams) it would be great. We just got MS Teams in the latest MS upgrade at SNPS and I’m trying to figure out how to best use it. ---- Regarding Tuleap, I am using the tool...


I run a sales organisation in Europe for a large US B2B software company, and right now we have an opportunity to further collaborate with them, based on a comprehensive and compelling business plan, but apart from what I can Google, I have had no training on writing...

Processes used

The overall workshop process is a simplified version of Jérôme Curnier’s “Entre 2” and is based on a template of 8 sub-processes, as shown.

As topics are presented by workshop participants, they are placed on the template according to the process which is best adapted to deal with them. If, for example, someone explains that their team seems unable to use MS Teams efficiently, this topic might be place in section 8 of the template: a request for knowledge and experience.

Each of the 8 sections has a well-defined process associated with them and the workshop facilitator uses that process to help participants address their topics in an optimum way.  


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